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Reference Panel
  • Dr. Cathy Wong on "Colon Cleansing for Weight Loss"Cathy Wong
    ND, CNS
  • Dr. Edward Group, author of "Health Begins in the Colon" Dr. Edward Group
  • Dr. Jesse Hanley on fighting fatigue with colon cleansingDr. Jesse


#1 Core Cleanse

Core Cleanse Review

Core Cleanse uses an all-natural formula to gently flush harmful waste and toxins out of the colon. This allows for improved nutrient absorption and better overall health. Many Core Cleanse users have reported seeing results after just a few days of taking this colon cleansing supplement. Core Cleanse claims to offer a host of benefits, including increased energy, better weight loss, and improved immune system function.

Core Cleanse Review

#2 Vital Cleanse

Vital Cleanse colon cleanser

Vital Cleanse’s herbal formula is believed to help cleanse the colon and digestive tract of unwanted toxins. The average person is believed to have up to 25 pounds of such waste trapped in their colon, so it’s easy to understand why products like Vital Cleanse are so valuable. Learn more about this colon cleansing supplement by reading our full Vital Cleanse review.

Bowtrol Colon Cleanser Review

#3 Bowtrol

Bowtrol colon cleanser

According to Bowtrol’s manufacturers, the colon cleansing supplement works to support colon health, reduce bloating and water retention, break up fecal matter, and promote regularity. Does this natural colon cleanser actually live up to these claims? Find out the truth by reading our full Bowtrol review today.

Bowtrol Colon Cleanser Review

#4 Cologenix Intestinal Cleanser

Cologenix, a fiber-based colon cleansing supplement, is said to absorb and remove toxins and waste from the intestines and walls of the colon. Does Cologenix really “give your colon a bath”? Is Cologenix a good value? Find out these answers and more by reading our Cologenix review.

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