Bowtrol Review

Bowtrol is an all-natural formula that is designed to cleanse the colon and the lymphatic system of toxins and waste buildup. Primarily marketed on the Internet, Bowtrol works by increasing the regularity of bowel movements and alleviating the painful and harmful effects of constipation. The manufacturers of Bowtrol claim that the formula differs from other colon cleansing products on the market in that it won't produce unwanted side effects such as loose stools, diarrhea, bloating, and cramping. The objective of this cleansing product is to improve the health of the colon and other body organs in a brief amount of time.

Bowtrol Ingredients

Bowtrol ReviewBowtrol is formulated with a variety of natural ingredients, including thyme, olives, and garlic. Cascara Sagrada, a laxative ingredient that is extracted from the dried bark of the North American Buckthorn plant, is the most prevalent component of the Bowtrol formula. Cascara Sagrada is a powerful ingredient that offers a number of health benefits and strengthens the functioning of the pancreas, gallbladder, and liver. In conjunction with the other ingredients in the Bowtrol formula, Cascara Sagrada regulates the pituitary gland hormones, improves the functions of the intestinal tract, and increases the frequency and ease of bowel movements.

Does Bowtrol Work?

Overall, those who tested Bowtrol report that the product is effective in cleansing the colon and diminishing the discomfort and health complications caused by constipation. Bowtrol begins to take effect very quickly, oftentimes after just one day of use. This formula promotes as many as three bowel movements per day and works well in relieving bloat and intestinal cramps. Bowtrol receives solid scores in regard to flushing waste buildup from the colon.

Our Evaluation of Bowtrol

Though Bowtrol is quite effective in terms of improving health, the product is significantly more expensive than other brands of colon cleansers. Priced at $80, Bowtrol is not nearly as cost-effective as our top colon cleansing product, which is offered through a free trial program. Consumers who are budget-conscious may not wish to purchase Bowtrol since Core Cleanse is also highly effective yet more affordable.

In addition to using colon cleansing supplements such as Bowtrol on a regular basis, those who are concerned about maintaining bodily health through regular bowel movements should also eat a diet that is high in fiber. Consumption of green vegetables, bran, and oats on a consistent basis can help to reduce colon stress caused by strained bowel movements and waste accumulation. Water is also an essential part of a colon cleansing regimen, and should be consumed in the amount of eight glasses per day. When combining a safe and natural colon cleansing supplement with a high-fiber diet, people can be proactive in achieving and sustaining good health.

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