Colon Hydrotherapy

For centuries the practice of cleansing and detoxification of the body has been a staple part of Eastern and Naturopathic medicine. Techniques such as colon hydrotherapy for removing toxins and waste from the body were even common practice in much western medicine up until the 20th century. With Western medicine turning away from natural and preventive medicine, and turning instead to pharmaceuticals and invasive procedures, colon hydrotherapy became almost forgotten in the Western world. Luckily, with the renewed interest in natural overall health, westerners have rediscovered the amazing benefits of detoxifying the body with colon hydrotherapy.

For some natural medicine practitioners such as naturopathic doctor Josephine Goffe-Gardner, this traditional form of body cleansing is vital for anyone desiring overall health. Goffe Gardner says via her website "We are constantly bombarded with toxins on a daily basis through diet and environment." It is these toxins that build up in our systems, causing illness and fatigue.

Colon Hydrotherapy Benefits

Josephine Goffe-Gardner is not alone in her thinking. She and many other naturopathic doctors offer colon hydrotherapy to their patients. This practice flushes the colon with water, washing away years of accumulated waste and toxins. The removal of this waste, which can equal anywhere between 5 and 25 pounds in the average American adult, will return the colon to a state of optimal colon health. When the colon is functioning properly it will absorb more nutrients, while excreting toxins and waste more effectively. Goffe-Gardner stated "Detoxification should become a daily, routine practice in your life." Symptoms of a toxic colon, such as headaches, insomnia, fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, and mood swings can be eased with one colon cleansing.

Many patients who have had colon hydrotherapy are so impressed with the results they decide to have regular colon cleansing to maintain healthy colon function and well being. It has proven beneficial to those of both sexes in a range of age groups. Goffe-Gardner went on to say via her website "Colon hydrotherapy touches men and women's issues, as well as a host of other health issues that affects everyone."

Colon Hydrotherapy Alternatives

Despite the fantastic benefits, some people are uncomfortable or embarrassed about having colon hydrotherapy. This along with the cost has deterred many people from having the procedure, in turn denying them of the copious amount of health benefits reaped from having a healthy colon. Hydrotherapy, however, is not the only option for colon cleansing. For those who do not want to undergo hydrotherapy, many colon cleansing supplements offer the same fantastic results, with none of the discomfort or cost.

The best supplements for colon cleansing are ones that use all natural ingredients. The most effective of these ingredients, such as aloe vera, goldenseal, and psyllium fiber, gently help cleanse the blood, reduce inflammation of the bowels, and help remove built up toxins and waste material. A healthy colon helps reduce chances for diabetes, cancer, and heart disease, as well as relieves other persistent symptoms like chronic fatigue.

This successful alternative to colon hydrotherapy provides a way to receive all the health benefits of a hydrotherapy colon cleanse in the privacy of your own home, with minimal costs, and none of the discomfort. For anyone suffering with symptoms of a toxic colon, and for others who truly desire a healthy and energetic body, colon cleansing is a traditional time-tested method to reaching those goals and maintaining life-long health.

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