Perfect Cleanse Review

Perfect Cleanse is a colon cleansing system that is manufactured and distributed through Garden of Life. This three-stage system is designed to improve general bodily health by deeply cleansing the colon of toxins and excess waste materials. The makers of Perfect Cleanse claim that this product will not disrupt an individual's daily routine in the manner that some other colon cleansing products might. The products in the Perfect Cleanse system are to be taken in the evenings, over a consecutive ten-day period.

Perfect Cleanse Ingredients

The three stages of Perfect Cleanse are known as Purify, Capture, and Remove. The Purify formula contains natural ingredients such as aged garlic extract, cilantro, dandelion root extract, selenium, and milk thistle extract. The Capture component is formulated with ingredients that include flax seed, alfalfa whole leaf, pea hull fiber, and barley whole leaf. Perfect Cleanse Remove contains a number of herbal ingredients such as peppermint leaf, ginger root, fenugreek seed extract, aloe vera whole leaf, and fennel seed. The Perfect Cleanse system is also formulated with the active ingredient cracked-wall chlorella, which is a single-celled organism that works to clear bodily toxins and aid in the digestive process.

Does Perfect Cleanse Work?

Perfect CleanseAlthough Perfect Cleanse appears to contain all of the ingredients that are necessary for a successful and safe colon cleansing experience, our testers discovered that the product does not work nearly as well as the written synopsis would suggest. Despite the fact that Perfect Cleanse is formulated with a complex blend of plant-derived ingredients and a good amount of fiber, this colon cleansing system was basically ineffective in regard to detoxifying the body, increasing energy levels, and improving health. Some users reported that Perfect Cleanse actually affected their health negatively, causing frequent constipation and back pain.

Our Evaluation of Perfect Cleanse

The possible unwanted side effects of the Perfect Cleanse system combined with an overall lack of health benefits leads us to conclude that this product is not a desirable choice for those who wish to experience a thorough colon cleansing. Though the product manufacturers stress that the formula should be taken at night so as not to interfere with daily life, they fail to take into account that usage of Perfect Cleanse in the evening can lead to multiple bathroom trips that interrupt periods of sleep. The fact that Perfect Cleanse has produced back pain and worsened the effect of constipation in some users is further evidence that the product should be avoided.

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