Puristat Review

Puristat, a colon cleansing supplement that is manufactured and distributed by Abbott Industries, is a two-step system that is designed to encourage the proper digestion of food. The Puristat system consists of both tablets and capsules, and is available in three distinct varieties: mild, moderate, and advanced. Puristat differs from other colon cleansers in that consumers can choose the intensity level that is most appropriate for their digestive needs.

Puristat Ingredients

In order to realize the full benefits of the Puristat colon cleansing system, consumers must complete both the Cleanse and Restore steps of the program. The Cleanse formula is delivered in tablet form and contains active ingredients such as Cascara Sagrada, ginger root, cayenne pepper, fennel seed, and Buckthorn bark. The Restore formula, which is distributed in capsule form, contains ingredients such as aloe leaf, dandelion root, echinacea herb, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, and red clover flower. The main active ingredient of the Puristat system is Pancreatin, a three-enzyme component that is effective in dissolving fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.

Does Puristat Work?

PuristatPuristat is marketed toward consumers who experience digestive system-related health issues such as constipation, bloating, and gas. The manufacturers of Puristat claim that their colon cleansing product has several other benefits as well. The Puristat Cleanse and Restore formulas are sold with the promise of stimulating weight loss and increasing energy, though our researchers and product testers are doubtful of these claims. This colon cleanser did not perform to the standards of a thoroughly effective formula such as Core Cleanse. Our product testers found that the many ingredients of Puristat did not work well to improve digestion.

Our Evaluation of Puristat

The Puristat website is highly detailed and contains an abundance of information regarding the purported benefits and value of the product. The claims made on the website are geared toward the average consumer who is interested in purchasing a safe colon cleanser, though the fact that Puristat contains Cascara Sagrada is worrisome. Cascara Sagrada is a powerful laxative that can cause intestinal bleeding, and a significant amount of this ingredient is present in the Puristat formula. For this reason, in addition to the unimpressive findings of our product testers, we feel that Puristat is not a desirable option as a colon cleansing product.

In order to achieve optimum results in colon cleansing, individuals should look into top-rated supplement such as Core Cleanse and following a healthy diet plan filled with fiber-rich foods. Consuming plenty of green vegetables, bran, and other forms of fiber can greatly impact the body's ability to release trapped waste in the colon and to detoxify. Those who are using a colon cleansing product should also be certain to drink a minimum of eight glasses of water per day.

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